Announcement: The DANY Grant

Dr. Karan Johar and NYC Pain Specialists have recently received a prestigious grant from Doctors Across New York’s Physician Practice Support Program to provide medical services in Pain Management. Doctors Across New York (DANY), established in 2008, is a collection of programs through the New York State Department of Health intended to train and place physicians to care for the diverse and sprawling population. New York has a higher physician-to-population ratio than the national average, and is a specialist-rich area, but it struck Dr. Johar that there were still pockets where patients are medically underserved.

The federal Health Resources and Services Administration identifies areas where this is the case, but their data is not always fully up-to-date or even readily available. In the absence of that data, Dr. Johar did his own research to identify areas with insufficient access to pain management services. By collecting and combining data from the US Census, hospital wait times, and an intimate knowledge of New York City healthcare, he identified the Lower East Side and Alphabet City as neighborhoods in need of additional providers.

In his own words: “persistence pays.” Presenting this data and his plans for expansion into that area to DANY earned him the prestigious award and allowed him to set up a new practice at 80 University Place. Dr. Johar looks forward to partnering with local healthcare services to provide continuous and high-level care to those in the area. In addition to providing much-needed specialist care to an underserved area, he hopes the new practice can further promote his culture of caring and patient empowerment through community events and education.

Jonathan Arthur