The development of wrinkles and lines on your face can be accelerated by exposure to the sun and environmental pollutants, as well as other lifestyle habits. There may be changes in skin  texture, pigmentation, and volume. With anti-aging treatments, these effects will be countered, bringing you back to your early years. 

ROLE OF HORMONES IN AGING: As we age, hormone levels shift. Both men and women experience a drop in hormone levels (testosterone in men, estrogen in women) that contribute to fatigue, weight change, reduced elasticity, thinning of skin, mood swings, memory loss, poor concentration, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, and/or decreased libido. 

USE OF BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES: Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses synthetic hormones that are molecularly identical to those in the human body to fight aging. Bioidentical pellets can be placed under the skin to time-release these hormones and keep hormone levels in balance.

USE OF ANTI-AGING FACIALS: These facials can combat wrinkles, bring radiance to dull skin, and bring an overall more youthful look. They exfoliate the skin at a deep level to slough off old dead cells, and reveal fresher and newer ones. Intense moisturization will give plump the skin, and increased circulation due to the application of light pressure to certain parts of your face will boost texture and tone. Anti-aging facials will additionally prevent signs of aging. Specialized serums and creams will also be applied to restore the firmness of your skin.