Patient Education

Our physicians treat patients that have pain. If your pain is recent or chronic, we will take care of you.

The crux of our treatment plan begins with targeting your pain in a multidisciplinary fashion.

Our practice is experienced in treating all sorts of pain including neck, back, extremity, arthritis, CRPS/RSD (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), nerve pain, cancer pain, muscle pain, sports injuries, etc.

Our board-certified specialists are cognizant of the most up-to-date treatments in pharmacology and minimally invasive biomedical technologies for acute, chronic and cancer pain.

Multidisciplinary Treatments: Injections, Psychotherapy, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Medications

Customized Care: Each patient often has multifactorial components to their overall pain and functional limitations. A unique multi-faceted care plan is developed for each patient.

Environment: There is a significant psychological component to pain. It affects the way we perceive what is around us and our intrinsic being. Those patients suffering from debilitating pain and limited function will have access to a high-quality support system.