Being overweight comes with many dangers: high blood pressure | stroke | Type 2 Diabetes | cancer | heart disease | sleep apnea | orthopedic problems | anxiety | depression

Here, we can customize weight-loss plans for you, which is more likely to lead to successful results. This strategy is often combined with stabilization of natural hormones. 

HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE: A particular hormone of interest is human growth hormone (HGH), a naturally-occurring hormone that stimulates the growth of bones and muscles. Because HGH also burns fat, it is useful when it comes to facilitating weight loss. Aging causes our HGH levels to decrease, making it harder to maintain muscle mass and lose weight. Through replacement therapy, diet changes & planning, and lifestyle changes, your levels of natural HGH can be regulated.

BENEFITS OF HGH: more muscle mass | less body fat | decreased risk of cardiovascular disease | increased bone density